Matthews Effects The Harbinger - Parametric Distortion

Matthews Effects The Harbinger - Parametric Distortion

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The Harbinger lets you take distortion to a whole new level giving you parametric control to sculpt your tone in a way unlike anything else on the market! Using original NOS LM308 chips to bring you powerful vintage RAT inspired distortion. With the EQ sitting pre-gain rather than post like most distortion use the cut/boost to create a whole new range of distortion.

Let the Harbinger Herald your tone!


  • Output – controls your overall volume, simply turn it left to right to increase your overall volume
  • Distortion – control decides the amount of overall dirt/distortion that enters the signal path
  • Freq – controls what frequencies you are boosting or cutting. 100 – 4khz.
  • Boost/Cut – Lets you cut or boost the selected frequencies, and when in the middle there is no affect to EQ
  • Top jack holes
  • 9v power supply – no battery option
  • Soft Touch True Bypass

Designed, Built by Rick Matthews

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