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Mojo Hand FX Socrates

Mojo Hand FX Socrates

By Mojo Hand FX

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Mojo Hand FX Socrates

The Socrates is the fruit of many, many months of intense research and development, countless revisions and numerous prototypes. The original premise was to take the classic LM308 style circuit and give it more modern appointments and features. While it’s name, art and sole LM308 chip are clearly nods to it’s classic furry counterpart, this is where the similarities end. Socrates surprisingly took on a life of it’s own midway into the R&D process and while certain characteristics remain from the original inspiration, the end result is much more.

The Socrates features standard GAIN and LEVEL controls along with knobs for BASS and TREBLE (fueled by a passive tone stack), while a 2 way mini toggle offers symmetrical and asymmetrical clipping options. All of these features result in an extremely organic and natural sounding distortion with tremendous flexibility. The controls are EXTREMELY interactive yet very subtle, with the EQ offering up low key tone shaping while the toggle produces two similar yet distinct mid voicing options. Crank the gain and the Socrates literally BEGS for raging slabs of power chord fury while lower gain settings reveal surprisingly fat, punchy cleans with just the right amount of breakup. The real treat though is found in the less extreme settings…with a little tweaking of the GAIN and VOLUME knobs in conjunction with each other, you’d swear we crammed both Angus and Malcolm under the hood ;)

All in all, the Socrates reacts to your attack in the most musical of ways, like the demented offspring of classic tube overdrive and vintage Plexi punch…a sound that you not only hear, but FEEL. Pick up a Socrates and commence to rocking today!
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