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Jackson Ampworks Britain 30 Head and 1x12 Dual Ported Cabinet w/Alnico Gold - Baby Blue & Ivory (158) (011)

By Jackson Ampworks

$ 2,295.00
was $ 3,440.00
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BRITAIN 30 And 1x12 Dual Port Cab w/Alnico Gold



The Britain 30™ is the latest incarnation of our highly successful ‘Britain’ series of amps. Designed to augment the Britain series of amps with features that players have been requesting for years, the Britain 30 takes the incredible platform created by the Britain 4.0 and streamlines it by featuring the most popular 30W EL84 Power Mode and simultaneously expands it with the addition of Power Scaling and a Master Tone control!

Keep reading below to learn more about the Britain 30 and see videos of it in action!


Designed to be the perfect complement to our line of amplifiers, our 1×12 Dual Ported Cabinet is small, lightweight and delivers floor shaking low end all in a package that is just 22” wide!

The first time you hear our 1×12 Dual Ported cabinet you’ll be amazed at how open the tone is with highs that breathe like a vintage open back cabinet and lows that are smooth and punchy like the best 4×12 cabinet you ever heard! You’ve never heard a 1×12 cabinet that sounds this huge!



The Britain 30 was designed for players who want the same tone found in the Britain 4.0 but do not need all of the switchable power modes it contains. While these power modes serve to make the Britain 4.0 a very flexible amplifier, frankly not every player needs these features or plays in an environment where they can take full advantage of them. It is with this in mind that we have chosen to use the Britain 4.0’s very popular 30W Class A Power Mode as the foundation for the Britain 30’s tone.

Designed not as a replacement for the Britain 4.0 but as an extension of the Britain series of amplifiers, the Britain 30 contains many features that people have requested for years in the Britain 4.0; features which were frankly impossible to implement given the size and complexity of the Britain 4.0 amplifier.

In addition to streamlining the power modes, the Britain 30 expands upon the Britain 4.0 by offering Power Scaling; a feature that we have had numerous requests for. With Power Scaling, the player is able to adjust the Power control and vary the output of the amplifier from 30W down to 1/8W and obtain true power amplifier overdrive at any volume level! We have also included a Power Scaling Bypass Switch that will allow the player to fully bypass the Power Scaling circuit and enjoy the same dynamic response as the Britain 4.0 when Power Scaling is not required.

Finally to make the Britain 30 as affordable as possible, we have priced the Britain 30 at $1,995, a full $900 less than the Britain 4.0!

For more details on how the Britain 30 came about, please check out our blog here.


The Britain 30 features two totally separate channels, each with its own set of dedicated tone controls. While two channel amps have been available for any years, the magic of the Britain 30 lies in its ability to blend those two channels together to create an infinite number of tonal options!

Channel 1 is the exact same EF86 based preamp that is found in the Britain 4.0 and features our own footswitch-able boost circuit that true bypasses the Treble and Bass controls resulting in a substantial boost in volume, gain and tonal purity. Channel 1, being the higher gain of the two, is considered the dirty channel of the amp and offers a very broad frequency response that works to deliver your instruments true voice with minimal coloring or artifacts.

Channel 2 of the Britain 30 is a 12AX7 based “Top-Boost” preamp that balances perfectly against Channel 1 by providing pristine clean tones with incredible headroom and articulation. This channel, which was designed to remain clean longer than Channel 1, embodies the very definition of clean British guitar tone but is enhanced with increased richness and depth.

Channels 1 and 2 are internally linked so that the use of the input labeled “1/2” sends the guitars signal to both channels equally. In this arrangement, each channel is active along with its associated tone controls and blending of the two channels is as simple as adjusting the Volume control for each channel. The true advantage of this type of arrangement lies in the ability to blend Channels 1 and 2 together while still allowing tonal shaping of each channel via their respective Treble and Bass controls.

Plugging into the input labeled “2” breaks the internal connection to Channels 1 and 2 thereby allowing them to function independently. This feature allows the player to use a completely different signal chain (floor based effects etc.) for each channel if desired, and is fully expanded by the use of an ABY box to select channels 1, 2 or both.


To make the Britain 30 even more flexible, we have incorporated a series FX loop for each channel. Much the same way using two inputs gives maximum flexibility, having a dedicated FX loop for each channel allows the player an unprecedented amount of control. As an example, with this configuration, the musician could insert a reverb or delay unit in the Channel 2 FX loop to expand his clean tones while at the same time leave Channel 1 dry to optimize his/her overdriven sound for greater punch and clarity. The same goes for each channel. With this setup you can add effects to either channel, both channels or neither channel. You have complete control.

The Britain 30 features dedicated SEND and RETURN jacks for each channel so you no longer have to use an Insert Cable in order to use the FX loops as is the case with the Britain 4.0.


To make the Britain 30 more flexible we have included a Master Tone control that allows the player to have fine control over the high-end response of the amplifier that is completely independent of the two channels’ Treble and Bass controls, even when the Boost mode of Channel 1 is used! Having this control is also very effective at tailoring the overall tone of the amp when playing in various acoustic environments without having to re-EQ the two channels.


In addition to the Master Tone control the Britain 30 features a Power control that adjusts the Power Scaling in the amp. The Power Scaling in the Britain 30 allows the user to adjust the high voltage being fed to the power tubes from 350V down to 35V which consequently lowers the output power of the amp from 30W down to 1/8W. This control is one of the most important features of the amp as it allows the player to adjust the output volume of the amp to suit any size stage environment as well as get true output tube overdrive at any volume level!

For occasions when the player does not need to Power Scale the amplifier a Power Scaling bypass switch has been included that allows the player to completely bypass the Power Scaling feature and return the Britain 30 to the stock performance found in the Britain 4.0.

WARNINGNever flip the Power Scaling Bypass Switch to the OFF position unless the Power control is in the full clockwise position. Doing so will cause undue stress on the amplifier and switch as the amplifier attempts to rapidly rebias itself.



Since Jackson Ampworks began in 2003, we have established ourselves as a premier manufacturer of the highest quality amplifiers available and we are proud to say that with the launch of the Britain 30, the quality of construction methods used in our amplifiers have only improved. Quality to us is more than just a bragging right, it is a critical component in every amp that we build. This commitment to quality is such a cornerstone of our business that each amplifier that we build undergoes a 3 day torture test to make sure that by the time it gets to the player, we have done everything we can do to make it fail so that it will never fail when it gets to you.



With a retail price of $1,995.00 USD, the Britain 30 is hands down one of the best built, most versatile and cost effective amplifiers anywhere. And while you can certainly find many amps in this price range, you can rest assured that none of them offer the flexibility that the Britain 30 offers. Consider that when using the Britain 30 you have at your deposal all of the classic tones found in the the most popular British style amps of the last 50 years plus all of the new tones available with the boost feature and the blending of the two channels!

All of the features listed here work to make the Britain 30 one of the most revolutionary amplifiers on the market. With features like small size, tonal flexibility, power scaling, bulletproof construction and great value, the Britain 30 is poised to redefine the boutique amplifier market yet again.



Channel 1: EF86 Preamp with Volume Treble and Bass Controls. Power and Standby Switches on back panel.
Channel 2: 12AX7 “Top Boost” Preamp with Volume Treble and Bass Controls. Power Entry Module that allows switchable 120/240VAC operation.
EL84 Power Tubes provide 30W of Class A Power that can be Power Scaled down to 1/8W! Mains and B+ Fuses on back panel.
Boost Footswitch for Channel 1 that disables the Treble and Bass controls and provides gain and volume boost along with front panel LED indication. Dual Speaker Jacks on back panel.
Dedicated Series FX Loop for Channel 1 and Channel 2. 8-16 Ohm Speaker Impedance Selector Switch
Master Tone Control allows tonal control even when using Channel 1 Boost Mode.  


Laser Cut Aluminum Chassis with Billet Cut Endplates Silver Plated Teflon Hookup Wire and Shielded Cable
Chassis Mount Output Tube Sockets 2x 4” High Flow Output Tube Cooling Fan
Proprietary Vented Cabinet Design Custom Designed Fan Isolation Mount
Laser Engraved Backfilled Plastic Front and Back Face Plates 1/8” Fiberglass Circuit Boards with 2oz Copper
200W Custom Wound Output and Power Transformers Heavy Duty Carling Switches
F&T Filter Caps 1W 5% Carbon Comp and Carbon Film and Metal Film Resistors
Mallory 150 Coupling Capacitors Tube Shields for all preamp tubes
Central Point Grounding with Star Ground Genuine Neutrik Jacks for Input, FX Loop and Speaker Connections
Distributed Power Supply Die-cast Chrome Plated Emblem
Fully Regulated DC Heater Supply for All Preamp Tubes Internally Shielded Cabinet
Fully Isolated Input, FX Loop and Speaker Jacks Threaded Metal Inserts used to attach back panel of cabinet




Output Power 30W – 1/8W Class A


(4) – EL84

Cathode Bias  
Tubes Preamp Channel 1 1x EF86
  Preamp Channel 2 2x 12AX7
  Phase Inverter   1x 12AX7
  Output   4x – EL84
Rectifier Solid State    
Input Impedance Channel 1 1MΩ  
  Channel 2 1MΩ  
FX Loop Impedance Channel 1 Send 1MΩ  
  Channel 1 Return 1MΩ  
  Channel 2 Send 1MΩ  
  Channel 2 Return 1MΩ  
FX Loop Wiring Channel 1 Mono Plug Independent Send/Return Jacks
  Channel 2 Mono Plug Independent Send/Return Jacks
Weight 35lbs. Boxed    
Size Head Size:14″ x 8.5″ x 8.25″Head Size (Boxed):20″ x 12″ x 12″1x12Combo Size:21.5″ x 18.5″ x 11.5″    
Shipping Package Size 20″ Wide 12″ Tall 12″ Deep
Line Voltage 120VAC or 240VAC Switchable via Back Panel  



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