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Morgan Amplification Custom Shop DL50 Head - Driftwood (15XA)

By Pre-Owned Amplifiers

$ 1,999.99

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Mint Condition, no issues, great sounding amp! 


The DL50 is a 50 watt version of the marshall SLP100 plexi from 1967

It has high and low inputs that are linked to the two volume controls on the amp, the first volume controls the bass channel volume the second volume is the treble volume control. These volumes act the same as if you were jumping the inputs on a old Marshall 4 hole style amI’ve added a bright switch to the bass side just in case you wanted a bass channel by itself with a little extra brightness.

One of the things that made the 67 plexi so cool is that marshall got a deal on some power transformers. These trannies wouldn’t produce enough power to provide the 525v that was spec to the amp. The most they could produce was 460v. This is key!

The 12xxx s/n superleads are highly regarded as the pinnacle of plexi tone (eddies amp), this is due to the reduced B+ on the power tubes. In fact Eddie knocked another 14% off of that with a variac and brought the plate voltage down to 400v.

The DL50 was designed with a 400v b+ to recreate that feel.

Control Panel:

  • 50-Watts
  • 2 x EL34
  • Hi/Lo Inputs
  • Bright/Dark Switch
  • Vol I
  • Vol II
  • Treble
  • Middle
  • Bass
  • Presence
  • 8, 8, 16 Ohm Outputs
  • NOTE: Listing is for the head ONLY, 2x12 cabinet sold separately. 
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