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Jackson Ampworks Britain 4.0 Head - Vanilla w/Black Caps (206)

By Jackson Ampworks

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The Britain 4.0™ is the smallest, most flexible and portable British style guitar amplifier ever made! With 4 distinct power settings and two blendable channels, the Britain 4.0 offers more tone and more value than any amp ever made!

“The best amp I have ever played! Great tone and great versatility.”

Robbie McIntosh
John Mayer Band

If you are looking for one amp that will cover all the classic British guitar tones of the last 50 years along with a host of new tones never before available then the Britain 4.0 is your amp!



The Britain 4.0 features two totally separate channels, each with its own set of dedicated tone controls. While two channel amps have been available for many years, the magic of the Britain lies in its ability to blend those two channels together to create an infinite number of tonal options!

Channel 1 is the exact same EF86 based preamp that was featured in the original Britain but has been updated with our own footswitch-able boost circuit that true bypasses the Treble and Bass controls resulting in a substantial boost in volume, gain and tonal purity. Channel 1, being the higher gain of the two, is considered the dirty channel of the amp and offers a very broad frequency response that works to deliver your instruments true voice with minimal coloring or artifacts.

Channel 2 of the Britain 4.0 is a 12AX7 based “Top-Boost” preamp that balances perfectly against Channel 1 by providing pristine clean tones incredible headroom and articulation. This channel, which was designed to remain clean longer than Channel 1, embodies the very definition of clean British guitar tone but is enhanced with increased richness and depth.

Plugging into the input labeled “2” breaks the internal connection to Channels 1 and 2 thereby allowing them to function independently. This feature allows the musician to use a completely different signal chain (floor based effects etc.) for each channel if desired, and is fully expanded by the use of an ABY box to select channels 1, 2 or both.

With all of these tonal options available, the Britain 4.0 truly delivers Two Channels, Infinite Tones.


Channel 1: EF86 Preamp with Volume Treble and Bass Controls. 15/30W Class A, 25W Class A and 50W Class A/B Rotary Switch on back panel.
Channel 2: 12AX7 “Top Boost” Preamp with Volume Treble and Bass Controls. Power and Standby Switches on back panel.
EL84 Power Tubes provide 15/30W of Power in Class A modes. EL34 Power Tubes provide 25W of Power in Class A mode and 50W of Power in Class A/B mode. External Locking Bias Trimmer and Test Points on back panel.
Boost Footswitch for Channel 1 that disables the Treble and Bass controls and provides gain and volume boost and front panel LED indication. Power Entry Module that allows switchable 120/240VAC operation.
Series FX Loop for Channel 1 and Channel 2. Mains and B Fuses on back panel.
8-16 Ohm Speaker Impedance Selector Switch Dual Speaker Jacks on back panel.


Output Power 15W Class A – (2) – EL84 Cathode Bias Low Voltage
  30W Class A – (4) – EL84 Cathode Bias Low Voltage
  25W Class A – (2) – EL34 Cathode Bias Low Voltage
  50W Class A/B – (2) – EL34 Fixed Bias High Voltage
Tubes Preamp Channel 1 1x EF86
  Preamp Channel 2 1x 12AX7
  Phase Inverter   1x 12AX7
  Output   2x – EL34


4x – EL84

Rectifier Solid State 5U4G Simulated in 15/30W and 25W Mode  
Input Impedance Channel 1 1MΩ  
  Channel 2 1MΩ  
FX Loop Impedance Channel 1 Send 1MΩ  
  Channel 1 Return 1MΩ  
  Channel 2 Send 1MΩ  
  Channel 2 Return 1MΩ  
FX Loop Wiring Channel 1 Stereo Plug Tip Send/Ring Return
  Channel 2 Stereo Plug Tip Send/Ring Return
Weight 31lbs. Boxed    
Size Head Size: 14″ x 8.5″ x 8.25″


Head Size (Boxed): 18″ x 13″ x 12″

1×12 Combo Size: 21.5″ x 18.5″ x 11.5″

Shipping Package Size 20″ Wide 12″ Tall 12″ Deep
Line Voltage 120VAC or 240VAC Switchable via Back Panel  



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