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BearFoot FX Dyna Red Distortion 4-Knob, BearFoot FX - Lark Guitars

BearFoot FX Dyna Red Distortion 4-Knob

By BearFoot FX

$ 222.00
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More Massive Marshall Magic !!!! The 4 knob DRD is a product of the original way Bjorn made the BJFe DRD. It was 3 knobs but it also had the low-mids control attached to the drive knob in reverse – so you got a beefier clean/low dirt sound and it tightened up for higher dirt settings. The new M control does all of this but also lets you use it in other ways to push the DRD into fuzzier territory or use it as an EQ for cleaner tones – a little mids can go a long way …. The M control pushes low mids into the distortion generator so it also juices up the saturation and harmonic content while increasing the frequencies you feel from a 4×12 – and the Treble is post distortion to get just the right cut…… Red sparkle paint job and gold lettering.

From very tasty, just barely edgy to full on Rrrrawk!


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