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BearFoot FX Baby Pink Booster, BearFoot FX - Lark Guitars

BearFoot FX Baby Pink Booster

By BearFoot FX

$ 149.00


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Tags: boost

15 dbs of clean guitar friendly boost and a tasty buffer … This is your 'more' button. It really sounds like turning your amp up – the difference is that in addition to raising the level it also adds harmonic 'pre-distortion' content that improves the dynamics and clarity of your signal – and subtle EQ shaping just like your amp does as it gets louder… so your tone and even your other effects will benefit from the BPB in line – and of course the BJF buffer also repairs your clean tone from cable impedance imbalances…. Deluxify your drives ! If you've seen the very expensive BJFe Honey Bee and Baby Blue and Emerald Green 'Deluxes' …. this is whats in there besides the drive circuit —- the BPB is the buffer and the boost for those —- so put the BPB at the end of your dirt section and 'Deluxe' them all. 8-18v for more headroom and clarity if needed.


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