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BearFoot FX Honey Beest OD - Burst, BearFoot FX - Lark Guitars

BearFoot FX Honey Beest OD - Burst

By BearFoot FX

$ 222.00


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The Honey Beest is an extension of the classic Honey Bee, adding Saturation and Treble to a much loved design. The heart of the Beest is the addition of a pregain booster controlled by the Pregain knob. The pregain booster is not a simple linear booster, but has an intentional uppermid and treble accent that lets you mix the two gain stages to get just the right saturation and treble. The nature and pregain knobs make a wide ranging EQ section. The drive and pregain knobs give full control of the distortion saturation and compression. This also makes the ‘big bottom’ part of the nature control more useful – turning the nature full left and the pregain full right creates a full range overdrive… sort of like if there was a 50 watt 4×12 Supro — if you like that kind of dynamic dirt but need quicker and thicker honey, the Beest can help .. Voltage Range 5-15v


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