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BearFoot FX Pale Green Compressor - Leaf Camo (543), BearFoot FX - Lark Guitars

BearFoot FX Pale Green Compressor - Leaf Camo (543)

By BearFoot FX

$ 222.00
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The BearFoot Pale Green Compressor begins as a replica of the BJFe PGC – the compressor for people who hate compressors ! This compressor captures the natural feel of your amp and speakers compressing as they are pushed.The PGC really shines in a live situation with a band where the heavier handed compressors, that sound good at home in a room, often sound thick and lifeless against other real instruments… … The PGC is already famous for its nearly transparent compression and dead quiet operation. You will also wonder if its on at all ~ until you turn it off to make sure and then turn it back on as quickly as possible.

The middle knob fine tunes the EQ with a stacked pot that adjusts the EQ both pre and post compression.  The zero point is at ‘noon’ ~ to the left it adjusts the EQ to that of the classic Dyna/Ross comps (treble cut/bass boost)  and to the right it allows an increase in treble and sparkle without adding noise or hiss and adds bass. And with the comp knob off it is a booster/enhancer/EQ. Especially tasty into the Honey Bee and other BearFoot drives.

Voltage range 8~18v.


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