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Big Joe PB-101 Power Box

By Big Joe Stomp Box Company

$ 149.99
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Isolated power is the best way to protect your signal path from unwanted noise and interference. The Big Joe Power Box provides eight Isolated, noise free, 9v DC power outputs: six 100mA and two 250mA. Various switch combinations allow 12V and 18V outputs options. Two of the outputs also feature variable (VAR) voltage controls to simulate worn out batteries. An AC courtesy jack for pedals requiring AC only is provided in the back, and multi color LED's for each of the eight outputs makes it easy to see the voltage selected for each output.
Eight (8) isolated 9v DC power outputs
Slide switch to convert to two 9v outputs to 18V
Slide switch to convert four 9v outputs to 12v
Slide switch to convert two 9v outputs to variable
Regulated and unregulated outputs
Multi color LED output voltage indicators
AC power output jack
What’s Included:
1- Big Joe Power Box
1- Power cord
4- Connector Cable, 5.5mm X 2.0mm, male/male, short
4- Connector Cable, 5.5mm, x 2.0mm, male/male, long
1- Adapter Cable, 2.1mm, reverse polarity, female/male- red
1- Adapter Cable, 2.5mm, reverse polarity, female/male- green
1- Adapter Cable, 3.5mm, reverse polarity, female/male -blue
2- Battery Snap Cable, 9 volt adapter, black
- See more at: http://www.bigjoestompboxcompany.com/products/powerbox#sthash.hffyGRj2.dpuf
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