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Carol-Ann Amplifiers Limited Edition 10th Anniversary Head & 1x12 Cabinet w/G12M Creamback (006)

By Carol-Ann Amplifiers

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Back in 2002, I had just moved to US from England and was waiting for all my worldly possessions to follow me, which would take up to 5 months to be shipped across the Atlantic as part of container ship cargo. Within 6 weeks of being in the US, I already found myself joining a local rock cover band. I had been playing in bands since 1985 and just couldn’t stand not playing. While I had my guitar and a couple of effects, all my amplifiers and speaker cabinets were living in a container somewhere on Heysham dock in England. I could either buy an amp in the US or just build myself one. I had been repairing and building amps for many years in the UK, so it was no big deal to build one....apart from the fact I had no clue where to buy parts in the US and had very little in the way of tools or space to build it.
I did still however manage to build one, although it cost way more than it should have done and took up precious space on the dining room table whilst under construction much to the dismay of my wife at the time. In order to try to offset the fact the project cost way more money than I had originally anticipated and the construction took up the dining table for a week or more I decided to name the amp after my wife, hence the name ‘Carol-Ann’. I still got in trouble anyway....but maybe not as bad as it could have been. The business was formed in 2005 with the same name. However, even though Carol and I are no longer together, the name stuck and she insisted I kept the name. She is still a very good friend and supporter of my work to this day.
I had come from a long history a modifying British amps, so it was inevitable the first amp would take up that format. It was essentially a Plexi and modified JCM800 wrapped in to one amp with a number of twists like a tube buffered efx loop and a different master volume circuit. I still use this very same amp for gigs today on occasion and always carry it with me as a back up. It’s looking a little worse for wear these days, but sounds better than ever.


For the 10th model, my original thought was to go with the same design exactly, basically clone #1,  but then I started to think about it and couldn’t help thinking more along the lines of exactly how I would tackle the same job today given I have 10 more years experience and several thousand amplifiers behind me. So I made a fresh ground-up design using the same requirements as I had for the original. Not only does this new design give the same tones as the original, it will also give the same OD tones that have become part of the ‘Carol-Ann tone’ . You can morph from British Plexi though modified 800 right up to Tucana 3 style OD tones all from the same amp with no compromises at all. I chose 50W because that’s my own preference, however it’s a very potent 50W, but still retains all the master volume abilities of the modern CA’s.

So you may wonder where the clean channel is......well its built in your guitar as the volume control. Even at the highest gain levels (which are up at the Triptik levels when maxed) it is still possible to back the guitar volume and totally clean the amp up.
Given it does use preamp tube overdrive for many of the tones, an efx loop was essential. I chose the same design I use in the production models with the 5751 tube as the buffer and recovery stage.

I am only building 10 of these amps shared between the US and UK markets.


Volume: Actually it should be called gain, but it was called ‘volume’ on the original, so I stuck with it.
Master Volume
Feel: This is the main control that gives you a passage from smooth CA OD tones at lower settings right through to a more direct in your face aggression of modified 800 tones. Regardless of position, harmonic complexity is huge and there are no spikey piercing highs or any buzziness.
Hot Switch: This switches between the two gain modes of the amp. In the hot position more gain and tighter more prominent low end is achieved.
Sparkle Switch: Adds shimmer to high frequencies. Very effective when you clean the amp up using the guitar volume.
Tubes and Power
50W 2x EL34 solid state rectified
3 x 12AX7
1 x 5751
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