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Diamond PHS1 Phase 2/6 Stage Analog Phaser

By Diamond Pedals

$ 299.00


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Tags: jfet, phaser

Now shipping! The Diamond Phase is a versatile new selectable 2 / 6-stage JFET phaser with full control over depth, feedback regeneration and direct-to-phase signal mix level. Phase / vibe modes. Ultra-smooth sinusoidal LFO waveform. Expression control for LFO speed. Auto-buffered direct out channel (true bypass when not in use). Power by external 18 to 24V adapter or pedal power supply.


Diamond Phase Features:

- selectable 2 / 6-stage JFET phaser
- versatile control over depth, speed and feedback regeneration
- Phase / Vibe mode switch (Vibe mode is also a kill-dry mode for use in amplifier parallel FX loops)
- output volume control
- Pures sinusoidal LFO waveform, speed adjustable from 0.2 to 10 Hz
- Auto-buffered direct signal output path - buffers a 2nd dry output channel only when plug is inserted in DIRECT output, completely removes buffer for true bypass operation in mono mode
- all analog circuitry
- LED indication of LFO speed
- expression pedal control of LFO speed
- Vishay JFET, Burr-Brown audiophile opamps and Panasonic polypropylene capacitors
- genuine Hammond cast aluminium 4.7 x 4.7 x 1.0 inch case

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