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Electro-Harmonix Expression Pedal Real-Time Variable Control - Available at Lark Guitars

Electro-Harmonix Expression Pedal Real-Time Variable Control

By Electro-Harmonix

$ 95.90

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Expression Pedal Real-Time Variable Control

The EHX Expression Pedal is part of our innovative Next Step Effects series. It does not use a potentiometer, optics or magnetism to sweep expression-enabled controls. The result is a responsive expression pedal that provides precise control over your expression or control- voltage capable effects and instruments.

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Quick Specs
Expression / CV Pedal
Exceptional control, plus instantaneous bypass switching that is completely silent
Increase or decrease the expression sweep range with the Range dial
Reverse the direction of the pedal's output with the Reverse control
Comes with a 6' long " TRS cable
Ultra rugged. No footswitches, gears or rack to break
Battery included, 9Volt power supply optional
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