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EVH '78 Eruption Limited (Pre-Order)

EVH '78 Eruption Limited (Pre-Order)


$ 7,878.78


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This year marks the 40 year anniversary of Eddie Van Halen unleashing his guitar prowess that forever changed the world of guitar and left people utterly shocked and stunned. This is one of 40 guitars offered world-wide. Snag it up before it is gone forever!

On the cover of Van Halen’s 1978 eponymous debut album, Eddie Van Halen thrusts his black-and-white striped instrument towards the camera as if he’s showing you the future. He played this guitar on his unprecedented and mind-blowing instrumental track “Eruption”, hence its nickname, and almost immediately, this monumental instrument became a timeless icon, symbolic of a paradigm shift in guitar-driven rock and roll.

Model: 78' Eruption

Body: Swamp Ash 

Neck: Maple Neck with Oiled Back Finish (25.5" Scale)

Fretboard: Maple with Katalox Dots

Side Dots: Black

Radius: 12"

Frets: Jumbo (21 Fret)

Pickguard: Hand-cut, Black

Pickup: EVH Frankenstein

Bridge: Vintage Fender Stratocaster Bridge with Kluson Brass Block

Tuning Keys: Schaller

Strap Hooks: Eye Screw

Notes: 61071 Stamped Neck Plate

Case: Custom Made Period Correct G&G Case

Case Candy: 

  • Autographed Van Halen vinyl
  • Custom-made period correct G&G case
  • ’78 chain strap
  • 3-in-One oil can
  • Signed Certificate of Authenticity
  • Two packs of '70s-era Fender® Super Bullets strings in recreated packaging
  • Van Halen ‘70s tortoiseshell picks
  • Backstage Pass vinyl cloth sticker on the case plus one unused sticker inside
  • 8”x10” 1978 concert photo of Eddie Van Halen
  • Exclusive Eruption Collector’s Booklet 


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