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Greer Amps Arbuckle Trem

By Greer Amps

$ 199.99


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Tags: tremolo

The Arbuckle Trem is a beautiful, gently pulsating, amp-like tremolo.  This pedal is based on the vintage EA tremolo circuit, with some slight tweaks.  We've changed some of the parts used in order to get the best sounding tremolo circuit possible.  This pedal features Speed, Depth, and Volume controls.  The Speed control alters the rate at which the tremolo pulsates, the Depth controls alters how deep the tremolo's volume swell is, and the Volume control allows for a plentiful amount of boost.  This pedal can be used as a boost, or as a tremolo.  Need a boost?  Just turn the Speed and Depth controls all the way down.  This reduces the effect of the tremolo circuit to almost zero.  Moving the Speed and Depth controls brings the tremolo back to beautiful, smooth, amp-like pulsation!  The Arbuckle Trem features a bright blue LED that pulses with the speed of the tremolo effect!

  • On tour with JJ Boogie (Arrested Development), and Austin Sisk!
  • Transistor based Tremolo!
  • Smooth, even tremolo, with on-board tremolo tone!
  • Vintage "principal's office" simulated wood-grained faceplate!
  • Volume boost to compensate for volume losses that other tremolos have!
  • Blue LED flashes with the speed of the tremolo effect!
  • True Bypass!
  • Uses 9Volt battery or standard neg. center, 2.1mm power supply.
  • Built with top quality components.  Lifetime Warranty to the original owner!



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