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Ibanez SRC6 Crossover 6-String Bass - Walnut Flat (109)

By Ibanez

$ 699.99
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New from the Ibanez Bass Workshop, the SRC6 Crossover is born of that place where guitar intersects with bass. With its 30" scale neck, some might even label it a "baritone guitar." Categorize it as you will -- what's certain is that the Crossover, like all the instruments in the Bass Workshop series, is designed to expand your creative canvas. 

The musical possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Straight ahead bass lines, mixing up bass and guitar frequency ranges, jazz harmony explorations, or laying into it palm-mute guitar style to The End The Universe As We Know It are just a smattering of musical possibilities.

The Crossover features a 5pc SRC Jatoba/Bubinga neck that guarantees stability. A Rosewood fingerboard, appointed with Abalone inlays, and medium frets is expertly treated to give your chording hand the smoothest ride possible. EMG 35HZ pickups are designed to deliver both clarity and "throb."



neck type SRC 5pc Jatoba/Bubinga neck
body Mahogany body
fretboard Rosewood fretboard w/Abalone oval inlay
fret Medium frets
number of frets 24
bridge Tight-End bridge (10.8mm string spacing)
neck pu EMG® 35HZ neck pu (Passive)
bridge pu EMG® 35HZ bridge pu (Passive)
equaliser EQB-IIID 3-band eq
factory tuning E,B,G,D,A,E
hardware color Cosmo black
Neck Dimensions
Scale 762mm/30"
a : Width at Nut 42mm
b : Width at Last Fret 58mm
c : Thickness at 1st 19.5mm
d : Thickness at 12th 21.5mm
Radius 400mmR



  • 762mm/30" scale
  • String Gauge:.024/.034/.044/.056/.072/.084





List: 933.32

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