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Menatone None More Black Mk3 Distortion

Menatone None More Black Mk3 Distortion

By Menatone

$ 249.00
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The None More Black is Menatone's homage to all my favorite high gain amplifiers. Amps with very German sounding names and amps named after Big Rig fuel. While not based on any specific amp it is an amalgam of the best aspects of many amps rolled up into one. The gain of the None More Black ranges from hot rodded 800, to crazy, in your face, all out insanity. The SUCK knob can take the mid range from all the way gone, to crazy gobs of fat, vocal, goodness... while the PRES gives total control of the high end. This deceptively simple arrangement gives a surprisingly complete control of the tonal palette.


~ Full sized CTS pots
~ 1/2 watt carbon comp
~ rolled polyester caps
~ Audio grade electrolytic caps
~ Charge pump boosted power supply

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