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Menatone The Dirty Blonde Mk3 Overdrive/Distortion

Menatone The Dirty Blonde Mk3 Overdrive/Distortion

By Menatone

$ 249.00

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The Dirty Blonde is a great sounding guitar effect pedal from Menatone. It conjures all the succulent, vintage, tube amplifier crunch and overdrive of those early 60's Fender blonde amps. All in the pedal board friendly packaging of a handwired, point to point guitar effect pedal. It's simple, 4-knob control layout makes dialing in that old Fender Bandmaster tone cheaper and easier than hunting down the real deal vintage amp.

Features and Specs of the Dirty Blonde overdrive effects pedal from Menatone:

  • Gain control
  • Volume control
  • Tone control
  • Mid Push control
  • Hand-Wired, Point to Point construction
  • True Bypass
  • DC power jack - center, + ring
  • Carbon Resistors and Film Caps
  • Hand-Made in the USA!
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