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Mojo Hand FX Nebula IV Phaser, Mojo Hand FX - Lark Guitars

Mojo Hand FX Nebula IV Phaser

By Mojo Hand FX

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Tags: phaser
Swirl fiends rejoice! The Nebula IV is 4 stages of swirly, analog goodness that will instantly transport you back to 1974. We’ve taken the circuit of a much loved orange box of the past and added more flexibility and control. In addition to the standard “Rate” control, we’ve incorporated a “Depth” control that offers more colors for you to paint with. We’ve also thrown in a “Level” knob so you can spend less time worrying about volume drop and more time following your muse.

Even at the most extreme settings, the Nebula IV offers nothing but useful, musical colors and tones. From Univibe-like pulses to a subtle VH-ish wash and all points in between, the Nebula IV delivers warm, rich phasing fit for any musical setting and is guaranteed to take your tone into the next dimension.

Like all Mojo Hand Fx the Nebula IV has true-bypass switching, a die-cast enclosure, professionally powder-coated finish and the finest components available.

Works with a standard center negative 9 Volt power supply, or battery.
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