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Morgan Amplification Morgan OD

Morgan Amplification Morgan OD

By Morgan Amplification

$ 179.99

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Morgan's OD pedal is designed to be an extension of your amp's tone. Think of this pedal as an additional gain stage or a second channel to your amplifier. The Morgan OD has been carefully designed to give as flat a tone response as possi-ble - adding extra gain without extra coloration. The Morgan OD is a discrete component device that behaves much like a tube amp does, making it extremely touch sensitive and responsive to your guitars volume's control and picking attack. The gain control modifies the amount of forward bias available on the transistor, actually changing the DC voltage at the transistor to increase gain!

  • Hand selected discrete components 
  • Crackle OK, gain control 
  • Transparent gain that does not mess with your tone 
  • True bypass 
  • Hand Built in Los Angeles, CA
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