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Planet Waves Pro Winder Tuner - PW-CT-03

By Planet Waves

$ 19.99


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The Planet Waves Pro-Winder is the ultimate 5-in-1 guitar tool. The tuner combines a dual-mode strobe/sweep chromatic tuner with Planet Waves' indispensible Pro-Winder multi-tool. Strobe Mode - the note played lights up in green. Red LEDs chase around the rotary display. As you tune, they slow down. When the red LEDs stop spinning, you are in tune. Sweep Mode the note played lights up in green. A red LEDwill appear to the left of the green LED if flat; to the right ifsharp. When only the green LED is lit, you re in tune. Tuner may be calibrated from A435-A445 Multi-tool features: winder, cutter, string stretcher, and bridge pin puller. Runs on one CR2032 lithium battery (included Accurate to +/- 3 cents Item #: PW-CT-03
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