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PRS Dustie Waring CE 24 “Floyd” Limited Edition - Burnt Amber Smokeburst (408)


$ 2,499.00

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The progressive metal band Between the Buried and Me has a sound that is both heavy and melodic, lush and menacing. It is this demand for versatility without sacrifice that led to the development of guitarist Dustie Waring’s PRS signature model: the DW CE 24 “Floyd.” This model starts with the PRS CE bolt-on platform and includes a satin-finished maple neck, maple fretboard, a slightly modified Pattern Thin neck carve (Waring’s carve is slightly thinner front to back), and Floyd Rose tremolo system.

The pickups and electronics are also unique to Waring’s signature axe. The pickups are Waring’s signature Mojotone “DW Tomahawk” pickups. Made with a blend of Ceramic and Alnico magnets and a special winding technique, DW Tomahawks have plenty of output and big bottom end while remaining articulate and clear - a unique quality for high gain pickups. Paired with a volume and tone control and 5-way blade pickup selector that have been shifted slightly to allow plenty of room to work the tremolo, the DW CE 24 “Floyd” is comfortable, fun, and inspiring to play.

The DW CE 24 “Floyd” comes with satin black hardware and is available in 

Body: Mahogany 

Top: Figured Maple

Neck: Maple with Maple Fretboard (24 fret, 25" Scale)

Neck Shape: Dustie Waring (Pattern Thin but slightly thinner front to back)

Fretboard Inlay: Black Birds

Bridge: Floyd Rose w/ Locking Nut

Tuners: Black PRS Low Mass Locking

Hardware type: Black Satin

Pickups:  Bridge: Mojotone "DW Tomahawk"  Neck: Mojotone "DW Tomahawk" 

Controls: Volume and Tone Control with 5-way Blade

Strings: 10-46

Tuning: Ships in Standard Tuning

Finish: Grey Black

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