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Vemuram Jan Ray for Tomo Fujita, Vemuram - Lark Guitars

Vemuram Jan Ray for Tomo Fujita

By Vemuram

$ 383.99


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The Jan Ray for Tomo Fujita is a special model Jan Ray created under the supervision of Tomo Fujita. It was conceived to capture and realise his ideal tone color without losing the integrity of the original Jan Ray sound.

・The Bass and Treble control is modified to reflect Tomo Fujita's favored EQ setting when they are in the 12 o'clock position
・The total gain amount is reduced, allowing one to make gain adjustments at fine increments
・The overall tone color is bright in comparison to the original Jan Ray


Tomo Fujita's Comment:
"In my opinion, good tone comes from a guitar connected directly into an amp. But one would need a fairly large amp to achieve a natural distortion, and thus, many of us use pedals. Of all the pedals out there, my favourite is the Vemuram Jan Ray. It creates a natural polished tone without manipulating the guitar and amp sound. I personally use a lot of picking dynamics on a wide range depending on the nuance. I have had my Jan Ray modified to bring that aspect to life. It is basically the original Jan Ray with a more sensitive volume knob, smoother tone, and with the bass a little reserved. It reflects one's playing ability fully. I am very honoured to have Vemuram release my Jan Ray mod and at the same time very happy that my fans will be able to use the same Jan Ray that I am using. Please enjoy this wonderful tone."


Tomo Fujita Profile
World-renowned guitarist and Instructor/ Associate Professor in the Guitar Department at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. Tomo Fujita's courses at Berklee are in high-demand, filling up within a matter of hours after opening for registration. His former apprentices include Eric Krasno (Soulive), John Mayer and more. His unique lectures focusing on "groove" receives international acclaim, enough to open private and online courses for Japanese natives. Tomo's instructional publications have sold over 150,000 copies, setting a sure standard for self-taught guitarists. As a performer, Tomo is invited to play at venues throughout the world, He is most famous for his groove-infused improvisational style inspired largely by the Blues. 
You can check out his latest updates through Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. 
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