Once in a while something very special comes along that just amazes you. When I played my first Sheeran by Lowden guitar at NAMM 2019 I was totally blown away. How could this guitar be this good and priced so affordably? It was a prototype after all...

      One year later it is apparent George Lowden and Ed Sheeran have succeeded, with a new factory they have seamlessly blended new technologies and old world craftsmanship to produce this amazing guitar line.
      I just had to see for myself, so a few plane rides later I arrived in Northern Ireland, and toured both Lowden factories at the end of 2019. It was all true, what fun I had seeing the new machines and construction process while talking one on one with George and luthiers. The guitars they were making were even better than the prototypes I played at NAMM earlier that year!

      If you are looking for a great guitar that excels at any playing style with an affordable price tag, play a Sheeran by Lowden.

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