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Lark Guitars Custom Run Fender Custom Shop '57 Stratocaster

Lark Guitars is ecstatic to debut our Lark Custom Run 1957 Stratocasters! 1957 was a pivotal year for the Stratocaster as Leo Fender began transitioning to deep contour bodies and medium "V" neck profiles that remained unchanged for years to come. We decided to recreate the iconic '57 Strat but with the now modern accommodations many have grown to expect and appreciate.

We began with a gorgeous AA Flame maple neck ,'57 Soft "V" profile finished with a 9.5"-12" compound radius and jumbo 6100 frets that feels just as smooth as it looks, and plays even better.

As the base of the guitar we chose beautiful Swamp Ash bodies finished with a Heavy Relic Nitrocellulose lacquer that allows the guitar to ring freely, enhancing the sustain and 'splash' many have come to love.

We simply couldn't stop there though, this guitar needed to embody the heart and soul of a '57 Strat! We had the fine folks over at the Fender Custom Shop wind some very special Hand-Wound Fat '57 single-coil pickups that truly bring this iconic guitar to life!

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