Mesa Boogie Switch-Track ABY Switcher
Mesa Boogie Switch-Track ABY Switcher
Mesa Boogie Switch-Track ABY Switcher
Mesa Boogie Switch-Track ABY Switcher

Mesa Boogie Switch-Track ABY Switcher


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New From Mesa Boogie, the Switch Track ABY can handle your heavy lifting when switching between amps or using Amps in tandem. No signal loss and all the TONE you come to expect from Mesa Boogie. Slap it on your board or use it remotely in a rack via Midi! Pick one up today and open up the world of possibilites using multiple amps! 

What Mesa Boogie has to say:

The Switch-Track™ enables an either-or-both, ABY scenario for your two favorite amplifiers. Select between two different amplifiers, two identical amps for more Channels and sonic options or combine them for a bigger, fuller sound, or a specific blended character. 

The INPUT is buffered to prevent signal loss due to increased loading when both amplifiers are engaged. Both OUTPUTS are transformer isolated for consistent tone and provide unbalanced or balanced signals for longer than normal cable runs. The “B”OUTPUT’s Ground is default-lifted to eliminate Ground loops.  

The switching (including phase) can be triggered at the unit itself for Pedal-Board mounted applications or remote controlled via Midi Program Change (or Control Change) commands sent from a Midi Controller in scenarios that require the ABY be located at the amplifiers or in a larger Touring Rack setup. 

Other valuable features include an “always on” low impedance TUNER OUT jack, a GROUND LIFT switch for isolating the A Output (B is always isolated), a PHASE invert switch (which is also MIDI controllable) for the “B” Output’s Phase relation to the “A”Output, MIDI IN and THRU DIN jacks and a Midi Preset (Program) STORE button.  Two on-board Footswitch Buttons offer A/B and A+B/MUTE.

  • Made in Petaluma, California with the World’s Finest Materials

  • A/B Footswitch – Switches between OUT A or OUT B

  • LED A or B – Indicates which Output (OUT A or OUT B) is active

  • LED B Color – Indicates the selected Phase – Green = 0 Degrees, Yellow = 180 Degrees Tuner Output

  • A + B / MUTE Footswitch – Switches OUT A and OUT B on simultaneously – Holding it down

    for a second activates the MUTE function and mutes both Outputs (Tuner Out remains on)

  • LED BOTH/MUTE - Blue LED indicates both OUT A and OUT B are active – Red LED indicates

    unit is in MUTE mode RFI Filtering minimizes radio-frequency interference and noise

  • Provides the guitar with a resolute load which segregates it from the many variables on a

    pedalboard and the long cable run to a back-line amplifier, for consistent tone and feel

  • OUT A and OUT B – Both are buffered and transformer isolated for the purest, most consistent tone from each Output. Provides Unbalanced or Balanced Output capable of driving long cable

    runs and provides the amps with a resolute source

  • TUNER OUT – Provides a buffered, “always on” output to keep your tuner out of the signal

    chain and silent tune with the MUTE feature

  • GROUND LIFT SWITCH – Safely eliminates noise from ground loops between OUT A and OUT B

  • PHASE SWITCH – Inverts the Phase of OUT B to match the Phase relation of whatever may be

    connected to OUT A – MIDI Controllable

  • MIDI Switchable/Programmable via Control Change and Program Change messages, with

    256 Preset Location (MIDI IN, MIDI Thru/Out & Store Switch) – Controls Output Selection A, B,


  • 9-12VDC External Power Jack Input (power supply not included)

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All I can say is wow.... The selection of guitars, amps and accessories is amazing. Staff was very friendly and attentive.. I'm not a great guitar player but man the staff treated me like I was a rockstar.. Will be buying from them in the future.

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This guitar store is Awesome, Amazing I caught myself salivating over the deliciousness on every wall and the store clerks are knowledgeable beyond my many moons of guitar playing. My new favorite place on Earth.....

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This is easily the best guitar shop I’ve ever been too and the staff was very helpful and knowledgeable.I purchased a Mark V 25 and Mesa headtrack pedal and I am definitely looking forward to going back in the future to get more gear.If you’re looking for great gear this is the place to go 🤘🏻

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