Kemper Amplifiers

Back in Stock! The new KEMPER PROFILER Stage. All the features of the Profiler Amp and controller in one portable package. All your favorite vintage amps to be recalled at a click of the button. The Profiler Stage comes preloaded with hundreds of the best guitar amps in the world, created under perfect conditions in professional studios worldwide. Need a SLP Plexi opened wide open, or a Fat Bassman clean, or even the sparkle of a Vox?  You can get all of that in spades with the access to tons of high end effects built right in. Can even run your own boutique effects, drives and compressors in the the front or your favorite vintage delay in the effects loop. With thousands of profiles you can purchase, trade or download from industry top respected artist and producers, the Kemper stage is just at home in the Studio as at live application.  


Cool Features for live application is the illuminated sunlight-proof display! Those of you that have ever play a sunny day gig outside know all about how the sun can render your pedal displays unusable, that is a problem of the past! With built in tuner mode, looper, effects, midi assignable controls for triggering external tap tempo functions or other midi controllable effects. With two stereo effects loops and multiple expression pedal inputs to control continuous parameters of sound and effects make this unit a one stop shop to fulfill all your needs. No more heavy amp to haul around or big bulky pedalboards, it is all packed into a  18.5” x 10” size!

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