The End of an Era?

A lot of changes were brought on by 2020.  Amongst the many changes was the fact PRS dealers were no longer allowed into the factory to hand select woods. This has been a long time privilege and honor for Signature Dealers like ourselves. We can not begin to describe the magic that happens when we enter the Wood Vault, our glazed eyes focus on the raw materials and the creative juices immediately begin to flow. This experience made our Wood Library Runs and Private Stock guitars special and unique.  The process is something that helps one stand out from the crowd and creates a truly great story.  Unfortunately, this limiting policy still stands.  No changes have been made from this policy nor does it appear visits to the Wood Vault will be reinstated. Only time will tell.... With that being said, this S-P-E-C-I-A-L Run could be the last hand-selected Wood Library guitars we ever see at Lark.

What the Quilt PRS?

Is there a shortage of Quilt Maple at PRS? A shortage, or is it the total lack there of? Could this be the very last Quilt we see on Wood library guitars for the foreseeable future? No promise of Quilt in the future?! Is there Quilt available for Private Stock?? That is also a solid No. Quite the head scratcher considering the size of PRS, it raises many questions that can only lead to speculated answers. Nonetheless, you are in luck! We have a limited amount of crushing Quilt top guitars in Wood Library and Private Stock to fill you Quilty needs. Do not wait around long, these will go fast and once they are gone, they are gone. We encourage you to grab one of these "double-limited" Hand-Selected Quilt Maple Wood Library Guitars! 

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