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The EVH Limited 78 Eruption Guitar

Posted on November 20, 2018

Lark is very honored to be one of 40 dealers worldwide to receive a Limited EVH 78 Eruption guitar, commemorating the 40th anniversary of Van Halen’s iconic first album. This is a very limited recreation of Eddie’s original Frankenstrat, the guitar wielded by Eddie on the cover of Van Halen 1, forever changing the guitar world. I remember in the late 90’s when I started playing lusting after this guitar so much that I painted mine to match. Eddie’s guitar and playing has influenced generations of aspiring guitarist, he is a musician that has and will, stand the test of time  We at Lark are truly proud to play even a small part in this exciting slice of music history. Thanks To Brian Hays and all at EVH!

Lark Guitars EVH Limited 78 Eruption Guitar

Lark Guitars EVH Limited 78 Eruption Guitar

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