What is the Private Reserve? How to order a Mesa Boogie Private Reserve?

What is the Private Reserve? How to order a Mesa Boogie Private Reserve?

What is the Mesa Boogie Private Reserve?

The Mesa Boogie Private Reserve is a special program offered by Mesa Boogie that allows customers to select from a curated collection of exotic hardwoods and other premium materials to create truly unique amplifiers. These materials are rare or limited in availability, making the amps produced under this program highly sought after by players, collectors and enthusiasts. The Private Reserve amps typically feature exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail, and they are known for their exceptional tone and performance.

How can I order my very own Mesa Boogie Private Reserve?

This process can be pretty daunting at times, so many choices! Needless to say, you are in luck! At Lark we specialize in making your dream Mesa Boogie come true.

  1. Choose Your Model: Select your amp type - cabinet, combo, head, or head and cabinet pair.
  2. Pick Your Finish: Decide on vinyl, leather, suede, or hardwood finish. We'll walk you through the available options, including colors and special finishes.
  3. Select Your Grille: Choose from grille options in Jute - Black, Tan, Cream, Tan, Black, Cream, or classic wicker.
  4. Choose Finer Appointments: Select pipping, handle, and corners to make your amp stand out. Options include Black, Cream, Gold, Silver, Tan, or Brown.
  5. Place a Deposit: To start the build, a 25% deposit is required.
  6. Wait for Your Dream Amp: Lead times vary - around 8 to 12 weeks for custom vinyls and leathers, and around 8 months for hardwoods. Rest assured, your custom Boogie will be worth the wait!

Feel free to reach out to us to start your dream build or if you have any questions.

(210) 384-4303 | info@larkguitars.com