Where is my Boogie?

While demand for Mesa/Boogie products is at an all time high, for good reason some may have noticed there is a scarcity of product. Ongoing part shortages, tubes, and the transformer manufacturing switch back to Schumacher after Magnetic Components, a company Boogie has worked with for over 30 years went belly up during the pandemic, have amassed to create the perfect storm. In regards to Schumacher, all great things take time and Mesa is crossing every "t"and dotting every "i" while performing proper R&D and testing before placing transformers into the field. All the while Mesa is closing in on their current production capacity when it comes to parts acquisition. This demand has led Mesa to suspend new orders possibly until the end of 2021.
What does this mean? 
Well.. if you were in the market to order your next Custom Finish Mesa Boogie with your choice of leather, vinyl, hardwood or even a standard dress; that will unfortunately be out of the question until further notice. However this story is not all doom and gloom, all amps currently on order will be built, and we encourage everyone to reach out to secure your next Boogie. 
The Future of Mesa Boogie
Everything is coming together nicely and shaping up to be an improvement across the entire line. Petrucci has been playing one of the prototype JP2Cs with the new transformers and it has quickly become his favorite. Good Things! 
The decision to close off all future orders was made in order to rein in a situation that was quickly getting out of control. Mesa is making a significant effort and investment to bring production back up to where it should be. This is an issue that has been seen across the board in our industry, however; Mesa's moves are the first and will be the best we see by a company to responsibly manage the issue. This may not be ideal for dealers and musicians right now; but, it is a responsible one that we respect nonetheless. 
On to Great News, we at Lark have a significant back order of all the hot new releases from the Badlander and California Tweeds to the classic Mark series, JP2C rectos and more! Both in Standard dress and many Customs. Reach out to us to see what we have inbound to secure your place in line for these very desirable amplifiers! 
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