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Mesa Boogie Head-Track Head + FX Switcher

Mesa Boogie Head-Track Head + FX Switcher

By Mesa/Boogie

$ 399.00

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Ever dream of using two amp heads with one cabinet with one common effects loop with not signal or tone loss? Well... your prayers have been answered! This box gives you exactly that with added features link buffering and external switching capabilities. 

What Mesa Boogie has to say:

The Head-Track™ gives you the ability to instantly select between two amplifiers, yet employ the same Speaker Cabinet and Effects setup. It is intended for use near the amplifiers being switched to maintain the shortest Cable lengths, thereby protecting the integrity of your signal, and has a Remote Switch jack so that a simple On/Off MIDI switching function, or Latching Footswitch located on your pedal-board, can control the switching. There is also an on-board Footswitch to switch between the two amps from the unit itself in the rare instance where the Head-Track might be used on the Pedal-Board.

INPUTS from Instrument, Amplifier Effects Loop Sends (2), Effect(s) Output and Amplifier Speaker Outputs (2) along with OUTPUTS to Amplifier Inputs (2), Amplifier Effects Loop Returns (2), Effect(s) Input and the Speaker Cabinet Input (or Load Device) being shared are provided. The Head-Track can be powered by an external 9 Volt DC/200 mA wall-mount power supply (not included). 

  • Made in Petaluma, California with the World’s Finest Materials

  • Users I/O Features:

    LED A or B – Indicates which of the two amplifiers is selected/activeA/B Footswitch – Switches between Amp A or B and their FX LoopsREMOTE SWITCH Input – External “Tip-to-Ground” Switch

  • Instrument I/O Features:

    GUITAR INPUT – Accepts signal from a guitar or pedal(s)
    TO AMP A INPUT– Connects Guitar Input Signal to Amp ATO AMP B INPUT – Connects Guitar Input Signal to Amp B

  • Effects Loop I/O Features:

    FROM A SEND and TO A RTRN – Connects Amp A’s FX Loop Send & ReturnFROM B SEND and TO B RTRN – Connects Amp B’s FX Loop Send & ReturnTO FX IN and FROM FX OUT – Connects shared FX Loop based FX to the FX

    Loop of whichever Amp is selected/active

  • Speaker Level I/O Features:

    FROM A SPKR OUT – Connects the Speaker Output from Amp A
    FROM B SPKR OUT – Connects the Speaker Output from Amp B
    TO SPKR CAB/LOAD – Connects a shared speaker cabinet or load device to

    the Speaker Output of whichever Amp is selected/active

  • 9-12VDC External Power Jack Input (power supply not included)


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