Lark Guitars - Gretsch Custom Shop Super Broadcaster

      Lark Guitars’ Private Run Gretsch Custom Shop Super Broadkaster by Stephen Stern is both refined and beautiful and a true purpose built reliable workhorse. Musicians can rely on this guitar for decades to come.

      Lark Guitars had the honor and privilege of receiving the first ever Gretsch Custom Shop Super Broadkaster from NAMM 2018.  Wildly impressed and excited by the design and tonal range of that guitar, we decided to pursue a run of our own. After many conversations with the iconic Gretsch Master Builder, Stephen Stern, he agreed to build more of these guitars for us, exclusively.  This makes us happy because, as we all know, true beauty and mastery needs to be shared with the world!

      These guitars are built on the proven Semi-Hollow Broadkaster platform and deliver very intriguing options. Resembling a vintage aircraft cockpit the numerous knobs and switches can look daunting and confusing, even though they are actually very intuitive and operate smoothly. A pair of Power'Tron Pickups deliver a wide range of tones from full, big body punch and mid-range throat to spanky, glassy single coil cut. The controls allow seamless blending of the coils to add the perfect amount of Gretsch sparkle. Laminated Semi-Hollow design with a maple neck yield a tight big punchy response with added airiness. Uncontrolled feedback is minimal but when desired the guitar still gives out beautiful, harmonic feedback. Playability is buttery and effortless and tuning stability and intonation are spot on.

      Stephen Stern has once again proved he is the master of detail. The Mother of Pearl Thumbnail Inlay, the Fully Bound Body and F-Holes, the carefully Aged Nitro Finish and Hardware conspire to make this model a true work of Gretsch Custom Shop art.

      Gretsch has once again proven their prowess. We’re confidant playing a Lark Special Run Super Broadcaster will make a fan out of any player.

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