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Lava Ultramafic Cable 12' Straight to Straight - LCUF12

By Lava Cable

$ 91.95

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“Ultramafic lava takes the composition and temperatures of eruptions to the extreme... creating a highly mobile liquid with viscosity as low as that of water... “ 


This world-class instrument cable has a large outer diameter for durability that has been tightly matched to Lava Cable’s Silver WireTM plugs – the only plugs on the market featuring a silver core for the highest conductivity and extremely low resistance.


The Lava Ultramafic™ cable is designed to take your tone to the extreme and let your signal flow just like water. It features specially designed purple outer jacket and dielectric, with an 18 AWG CDA102 (highest purity) silver plated low strand count copper conductor and 97% silver plated copper shielding that enables pure signal flow. Its capacitance is 25 pF/ft – dialed in to minimize early high frequency roll off and provide for premium note articulation.



  • 18 AWG CDA102 silver plated low strand copper
  • 97% silver plated copper shielding
  • 25 pF/ft capacitance
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