Should you Buy a Sheeran By Lowden Acoustic?

Should you Buy a Sheeran By Lowden Acoustic?

They've been hammering on since 1974 you know? Whom you may ask? Why Lowden Guitars of course! George Lowden began the journey of building his very first guitar at the age of 10, later deciding to continue his lifelong pursuit of building guitars in a way that can only be Lowden. With years of refinement and experimentation behind them, Lowden has created an innovative soundboard bracing design and curvy sound boxes that are unique to Lowden.

"S" and "W" Bodies (front/back) 

Decades later through a series of unique opportunities a very special someone discovered Lowden Guitars, Ed Sheeran, and The Wee Lowden was born. The Wee "popular word in Ireland to describe anything small", was George's smallest creation and both Ed and George were thrilled so much so that George added The Wee to the Lowden Range of Guitars.

W01 (Wee Size - Cedar/Walnut)

Five years later, George announced his collaboration with Ed Sheeran and launched the "Sheeran by Lowden" range of all new guitars! What many may not know is that the new line of guitars also demanded a groundbreaking method of construction in order to create great guitars that would find their way into players hands.

"It's any kids dream to own a guitar then become a musician, and it's every musicians dream to have a signature guitar." - Ed Sheeran

S02 (Small size - Sitka Spruce/ Santos Rosewood)

What makes the Sheeran by Lowden Guitars so Great?

Construction: Every Sheeran by Lowden features a choice of Solid Wood Tops, hand-voiced struts made with Japanese hand chisels, all matched with a beautifully figured back in 'almost bare' satin finishes.

Options: The Sheeran by Lowden line offers two body sizes from the Lowden Range of guitars, the "W" (wee) and the slightly larger "S" (small) all available with cutaways and soundbox bevels, creating a full line of guitars rich with options and tone woods.

The Sheeran by Lowden line was designed for the player looking for uncompromising tone without sacrificing playability and we believe they did just that!

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